I am the founder and CEO of Adrian Busan, calm. This is a new website, but if you want to have more about me and my history inside the roulette, you can go and watch roulette how to win calm or you can watch my channels on YouTube.

Adrian Busan, roulette and you will find tons of information about what I am doing accordingly to my position here, in which I help gamblers, who have lost their faith in believing that they can beat roulette. This is what I am doing. I’M helping people to win at Roulette like I do for 11 years now. There are many videos in which I talk about my history, but this video I will make exactly for you guys for those who are on this website for the same battle. What I am doing now, 16 years ago, in 2002 2003, I was starting to play at roulette when I was starting to play at roulette.

I was engaged in love of this game, but it was something which has splashing me in one second, as soon as I seen in 2002, the roulette. I realized that this game is something which I am very attracted, so I start to play not read for several months. I was playing aggressively and I realized that there is something which can be done in studying roulette because in the fact it’s a game now any game is crackit by man.

You need to understand that any game created by man can be crackit by man. So my first view was: what can I do to understand better roulette and at that time, in 2002 2003 there was not many videos on YouTube, even YouTube. He didn’t what it was Metacafe calm for those of you who knows 2002 2003 was Metacafe.

You took it. Didn’T he he comes on in 2005, so I started to collect some experience with my life. When I was cracking poker games, there was poker games which it was some machines like roulette, some machines, electronic machines, and if you have studied the patterns behind these machines, you will go. You will be able to bet exactly the bet which will appear so knowing that is possible to beat a machine.

I realized that roulette is the same machine, so I start to study about red. At that time there was not video tutorial. That was not trainings. It was only PDF books, PDF, which you will find now in this PDF books. You didn’t have some help because he was buying that PDF book for somebody and when you who contact him to explain you better, it could take two weeks or even months to respond. You and the response was always very cold.

Well, you need to do that and that and that. So if you study from a PDF book or for a book, you don’t know many things about anything, because when we talk about roulette units to see exactly how it works, you must you see how somebody is betting to understand better how to beat read, because it’s Such complicated game, it’s not so easy, it’s not for everybody, and it’s obvious that if you are engaging this type of games, you know that you use your mental, your mental strength. So you need to warn with philosophical things with mental things, not physical things. Now, when you make, when you play as a boxer when you’re on an athlete, then you use your physic your body, but when you use your mind, is totally different all right, so it’s a totally different way in which you study with your mind. So I realized that I’m not so help about these kind of people who send me PDF books because from PDF you don’t understand too much things in which you can understand and learn to read.

But I was very intrigued because I realized that lack is the same machine because it’s a computer, it’s a game, electronic game, so it is an electronic game is created by so can be cracked by men like the poker games which I played in the past. So I start to study roulette intensely for five years. I’Ve invested more than fifty thousand euro in understanding roulette, so it was not very easy for me all my money, which I was having selling original clothes and genuine perfumes from Italy.

I was making an income very good to 300 euros to 300 euros per per day, so I was having a good income, but all my money, I was investing in her left, starting roulette, binding programs and most of all playing a trap at that time. On the internet was not, software was not casinos, which led with leather mean to play in fun mode. I was playing on real money so like that I was learning by playing on real money, which is much harder much difficult, because I was always making mistakes. So, every time when I was making a mistake, I was losing money, so it was not so good, because every day I was losing money, but with time I realized that I can improve that and I can record whatever is happening to me when I gambling now For those of you who doesn’t know in my country – and I think that most of the Europe have the same casinos when you go around where you go in and you see that you can drink coffee, you can smoke and you have a roulette. An electronic related machine with some tables in which you can bet on that particular roulette.

Now we have that thing from 2002 mm. Maybe we have in our city – and I was spending time there, because there was a place where people was coming with money and they were playing to this rule and so like that. It was much easier for me, interacting with people with money, to sell my perfumes and my original clothes, but so I said I was selling my clothes and my perfumes. I was losing a lot. I was playing at Roulette and some day four guys from Hungary was coming in this casino, where I was drinking my coffee and I was playing from time every day, so these guys has started to bet tons of money, huge amounts of money and they made in Two hours 35,000 euros now when I was seeing that amount of money was huge even at that time. Remember in 2002, 2003 was a huge amount of money, even on that time in two hours, so they waited to be paid because they have not having in the house in the bank 35000 euro in the house of of the casino.

So they was calling the owner. The owner was a dutch, a german owner of that casino, so he comes the owner. He see these guys and he’s asking program etre now any casinos, heaven programa turd, who searched inside the roulette, what happens to her in some cases, so this casino owner has contacted his program matter that programmer who searched inside the run. Now, when he was looking the program utter that everything is ok, he told that you need to pay these guys because they won so the casino owner give to these guys thirty five thousand euros in my money. It’S a different amount in the different purity, but even at that time we was talking about euros because in the moment in when in 2002 the Europe came up, we have talking in Euros.

Even today we don’t have the currency euros to us in our country, but we use euros most of the time anything most of the things you are doing in business. When you buy an apartment, when you buy a car, we talk in Euros. We don’t talk in our currency, but for you to making you much easier to understand how much money was in two hours of gambling. It was thirty five thousand euros so that owner he comes.

He gives the money and, after that, in front of us say say you don’t have to come anymore here. You are banded to come in this instadebit casino canada, so in that moment I realized that something is wrong. Why these poor guys? Why these guys doesn’t have to play anymore in this casino because they were doing the the right thing there was they was gambling, so they were cashing the money. They was not from our home, as I told you their words from memory and they was happy because they knew that they will catch that money and they will gone forever for this place. They were gone in other place, so they have cash.

In thirty. Five thousand euro – and I never see them anymore, but the programmer will was been still there staying at red now, every time a program this programmer every week he is coming to read the algorithm inside the roulette, so I was familiar with with him. I was a friend with him, so some point, I told man what what happened is why this guy doesn’t have to play anymore and he told me something he what he has changed my life forever. He told me you see roulette can be bitter roulette. It’S a program, I know that, because I’m a programmer and casino owners knows that red can be bitter, but they don’t like professional black gamblers.

So this is why he has realized that he knows the defect of blood and I said, wait a moment. There is an effect of red and he’s told me: yes, there is a defect of the reason error at land and like a programmer. I know that, but I am very good pair and I am NOT able to play in any casino and in roulette, because I can lose my license of being programmer to these casinos.

But I know that there is an arrow roulette makes an error because it’s a machine, it’s an electronic, so it was all what I need to know in that moment. I start to take my friends to explain to my friends that blue roulette can be crackered roulette. Can be beaten, let’s invest our money in studying, relax. Nobody was wanted to invest money and from young age. I was having a mentality of a millionaire.

Oh okay, I was investing in hundreds of businesses. I’Ve lost in hundreds of businesses, so I always been when I was young, very active after I seen that this four guys has made in two hours, 35,000 euros playing. I will tell you inside a DVD how they are playing, because I will explain you how talking with this guy from this programmer. I realized that is very intrigued.