If you study right now, of course, this kind of people doesn’t tell you the secrets. They don’t tell you once they are very paid, so they have huge commissions, huge salaries, and they know how to be direct today is something different because on the internet, you can do very much thing without knowing somebody if you have a VPN that service which change You, your IP, you can play all over the world now. If you have watched my tutorials on YouTube, you know tons of knowledge which are giving to my students who likes to watch my videos fault of that. You have to realize that, of course, it took me five years to learn to beat in ruin to know the error, but now, with my help you can beat red in one week.

So in the first week you can understand all the DVD. So this is something which I must do telling you about my story about me and about how I became more curious to find the secret of it in roulette after five years, where I was investing more than 50000 euros. I started to make my first fifty dollars. Mathematically for the first three years, I’ve made a directly possible three ways in which you can play at red. One is casual when you play with ten cents. One is professional when you play with one euro venture and one the third one is VIP where you play with minimum ten euros.

If you win, we 10 cents, 30 euro per session with one euro, you win 300 euro per session. We 10 euro minimum wager in VIP. You win 3000 euro per session, so in the first three years I played professionally, I didn’t play VIP after three years of ours. I was made 250,000 euros. Something like that. I become very good in understanding roulette I becoming making tons of money studying roulette so after three years.

I realized that now it’s time to play in VIP and I became a millionaire fault of Lud today, I’m not playing every day. I don’t have to play every day and I make two one maximum two sessions per week in seven days. It’S enough for me because I play a VIP.

I can make 4,000 euro. There is super bad where I can make nine thousand euro in one session or even to go in twenty six thousand pounds which I’m showing you on the YouTube you can see session, which I make 26 thousand pounds so depends of the algorithm we were gon na Talk about roulette and the algorithm, because it’s very simple to understand what it means now photo bullet roulette, giving me the possibility to invest my money in something else. So I’ve invested my money in luxury apartments.

I own seven apartments which all of them cost minimum. One hundred thousand euro one most of them – I rent them. I don’t sell nothing. I don’t like to sell nothing. I don’t believe that the price will going to go low.

My apartments are situated in the most powerful places in my city. What means that in my city, there are minimum 25 universities, so there are many universities in my city in my city, there are the most important hospitals in Romania, so that means that this is very good for people who travel all over the world. They come from. All the Europe to study here in our universities, the medicine is very, very searched by students and when I post my apartments, it’s close to universities. So that makes me a good investor because my money in good hands, even if the price below in some other places fault of these universities, the prices here – will be high, so I became millionaire at the age of 30.

Now I have 35. Imagine that I don’t know how you become a millionaire in your life, how you will invest your money, but I know that all my knowledge, which I have in 16 years, you can learn in 3 months from the first week. You can understand the DVD so forth of that you will start to make money from the first week. That means that you can start and make two thousand three thousand euro for the first month now.

My goal is not to making you five thousand ten thousand euro in first week, because if I was able to make my students to make ten thousand euro in the first week, I didn’t ask five thousand euro for my world. I was asking 25,000 euro, but what I’m trying to tell you is that if you create an income 3,000 4,000 euro per month, it’s okay! Even if you make three thousand euro per month. Just imagine that you don’t have to play with your money. There is a secret on playing with casino money.

Playing with casino money makes you become better because you need. When you have the DVD five thousand euro, you need two hundred euros. If you have that two hundred euros, you can make money making from 200 euros in the first month 1000 euro in the second month from one thousand to three thousand euro and in the third month from 3000 to 6000 euro. It’S all level steps, it’s very simple!

So am i able to do it if my students are able to do it in members area? Once you buy the DVD five, you will gon na see my students how they are playing, I’m only watched them and they make tons and thousands and thousands of euros. I have student who plays VIP after one year of studying my DVD and is making four thousand and three hundred and fifty euro in one session, so imagine in 30 minutes to make four thousand and three hundred euros with four thousand euros balance in casino. So it’s something very, very good! Imagine after one year to become and making four thousand euro per session, where you can go with this budget because you can make tons of money, but even if you stay to making three thousand euro per month forever.

Imagine that three thousand euro is minimum. Thirty-Five thirty-six thousand euro for here now, if you do something in your life, if you have an income and you create another income of 40-thousand euro per year, I think it’s something very awesome. You don’t have to play for life. Roulette it’s enough for you to making money to invest in something much powerful.

In my case, I’d like to invest in luxury apartments, but you can invest in cars. You can invest in restaurants. You can invest in hotels. There is tons and tons of businesses in which you can invest your money. What money?

The money you win from casinos, but even if you like, only to focus yourself on casinos, you can make hundreds of thousands of Euro from casinos. You need to understand that casinos knows us. They know that we are red professional gamblers, but they don’t have nothing to do because they don’t know how and who we are the red professional gamblers. There is a limit in which David us to play on their casinos. So, for example, I make an account, I put 1000 euro and I cash out 50,000 euro in my videos on YouTube.

I explain you how to cash out money step-by-step, but in the moment we reach 50,000 euro cashing out from one casino date banners they will manage. You, if you go in real casinos, will lend you much faster, because if you go real casinos, it’s much easier for them to track you to understand that you are a red professional gambler. But it’s much better to play from the comfort of your house. I open the laptop I enter on man, casino and I make money. It’S something very easy.

Plus you use a VPN. Very simple is fast. You can choose playing all over the world and all the knowledge which I know and how to make money from all over the world.

I will explain you inside members area. Remember if you are living in Europe, there is most almost all the countries letting you play on casinos. If you are outside Europe, you need to understand that with VPN you can make money from all over the world services like Moneybookers stream today is really is not Moneybookers, so it scream Neteller paypal. There are many services which you can connect and when you catch all money from casinos, they paid you in Skrill they paying you in money inner in Neteller or they can pay you in paypal. Of course you have the option to pay you directly in your credit card. All of that I will explain you and I was teaching you as I was teaching myself when I was studying bullet.

So if you like to know much more about how to beat red, let me help you because I have the knowledge. If you don’t trust me yet go to this website search for my channel YouTube channel. You will gon na see some link where you can see.

My blog, you can see my tutorials and you can watch all my channel watching all the tutorials or two tutorials per day. You will understand what I mean. Why I’m so good eveything, let you were gon na see tons of testimonials from real gamblers, who have been in contact with me and I have them, and you were gon na see people who make 2500 euros in two days. You were gon na see people in three months: nine thousand euro – you will wan na see people six thousand euro in one month so depends on what budget they have to play. But the fact is that I am NOT keeping the content with all my students.

After three months six months, they don’t contact me anymore. They don’t need any more because they do their own dream. So once you will study for me – and we will gon na finish with all the questions and all the knowledge you are on your own, you can do it whatever you like to do with it. With this knowledge and beating roulette because I’m teaching you you were gon na – be able to beat casinos and from that point you can do traveling the world making vacations spending money on whatever you like to spend investing money in whatever you like to invest it’s possible Because we live our imaginable days of making money, four billion people doesn’t have access to BC. Remember that we, the people who go to the internet, we are only three billion from three billion people.

Only 1 % are making real money on the the rest of the people are spending time by shopping socializing. They are not focusing on making money. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are focusing to make money, but they don’t have a real thing to make money. The world is full of the the internet is full of scammers, and I would like to tell you a few things on what kind you need to stay close and one not now, in the first step, when you talk with somebody tried to make a relationship on The Internet, as you can see, I’m showing my face, I’m showing my house and most of all, I’m showing my details is my real name, so I cannot be with different name now most of the people. What I’ve seen from my team – and you were gon na see they are not showing themselves or if they showing themselves, they give unique names which they are not their name. This kind of people use PayPal, use different Bitcoin to not be possible to track them.

This is because they don’t have the knowledge to help you. You must understand that beating roulette is not for everybody. Now there are many who say that you can beat with this strategy. You can beat with this software, but they don’t know exactly how to beat red, because red cannot be beaten with a software and cannot be beaten with a strategy. Now the third type of people there are females. So you need to understand that there are affiliates who gives who receive allele and personal personal link from casinos and they distribute to all over the internet.

So everybody is registered in that casino. With his link he gives he receive a commission, but he receive a commission. Every time when that user, that gambler lose money to that casino, so most of the people who you see on the Internet, they want you to lose money, because if you lose money they receive a commission, so be careful of these kind of people, because I will Never promote you, a casino, I will not discuss about casinos, you can choose whatever cause. You know you like, I am NOT promoting and I am not affiliated with casinos. What you can find on my website, of course, is these affiliations.

So there are people who want to make money. There are people who want to make money from me. So, for example, they want to help me to promote my website and I get I give them a commission. Even I I use the affiliate psychology, but I’m not using to promote casinos.

I am using for people gamblers who they have a possibility to promote my website. I give the possibility in affiliation to make some money so like that they can buy my program. This is, if you don’t, have the money to invest in my programs, but if you are good in spreading my website to the Internet, then you can have this affiliation.

You will find in this website affiliation. You can register to your affiliation and I will redirect you the money inside your PayPal account. So the only way to to pay you is by PayPal account. So if you like to do a business with me, you can do that too.

You can find all on this website, but you need to understand. This is something this affiliation I made for the students who want to invest and they don’t have money to buy my DVD 5000 euro, but for the rest of you who will gon na study my world who are gon na watch. My tutorials and you like to talk with me on skype, which you are gon na, find on contact.

So in the manual contact you were gon na, find the information how to contact me in Skype. I have two three hours per day time to speak with you. So if you have the politely and kindly wishing to talk with me, we can discuss, we can call each other. We can talk a little bit to create a trust between us and I get. I can helping you to understanding and making you understand why I’m doing that because, in effect I am doing because you don’t take money from me, you take money from casinos. There is no casino in the world who doesn’t make minimum 1 million euros per day.

I’M talking about the top 300 casino worldwide. You need to know that worldwide there are three thousand and six hundred casinos, but there are blacklisted casinos. So there are bad negative casinos and there are good casinos. We were going to discussed about that. I will giving you a website where you can choose and watch what is the positive casino and negative casinos that side have this feedback from gamblers, who have been paid from casinos and who have not been paid from casinos.

So you need to stay careful even about these casinos. There are negative casinos who doesn’t pay, so it is useless to play on that casinos now I know that which are the casinos but, as I told you, if there is an accredited casinos like bet365 Paddy Power, William he’ll bring win calm. There are tons of casinos anywhere we can discuss.

If you have a casino, and you tell me about one cuz, you know I can give you some knowledge, because I play it on tons of casinos. So if you like, I can suggest in you a few casinos power. I will never give in your name in which I tell you register in this link to this casino, because I don’t want that. You lose money at red. I wanted to make money at Roulette.

So, basically from my psychology, this is why I help people, because my wishes is that you make money from casinos the people who are affiliated. They want you to lose money. This is their wishes, because if you lose money they receive a commission from casinos. Now you know more about me now. You know where I live now. You know how I can help you.

So if you like to have more knowledge about red, you can talk with me in italiano in Romanian and in English, so I speak three languages. My DVDs are in three languages, so you decide in which what you want to be. I can help you contact me on skype or on email, and let me help you because I have the knowledge to help. You best regards go search and watch for my channels from YouTube and if you need help contact me, I am able to helping you because I help many people.

I helped it myself when I was winning at length in the beginning, and I can help you because I have the knowledge to help you best regards and we talk inside members area.